Tradition, Trust and Credibility

M Muniz Logística is a company with strong performance in Foreign Trade.  For more than 20 years now we have offered all necessary support for import and export with agility, efficiency and safety. The confidence we have gained in more than two decades comes from our excellent daily results with our specialized services focused on international business.

M Muniz Logística prepares customs clearance for all types of cargo and modalities (maritime, air and road), provides customs consultancy for complete projects and acts as an international business agent, always seeking the best solutions for its customers and commercial conditions for its company.

Focusing on your business, we offer process management and are qualified by ANTT as Multimodal Transportation Operator. In road freight transport, we provide our own fleet with different enabled and tracked vehicle models, which deliver performance and efficiency in operations to the customer.

For this, we invest in technology and training of professionals, ensuring the efficiency of all customs and logistics operations. Another differential of M Muniz Logística is personalized service focused on the profile and the need of each of our customers. In this way, we ensure differentiated solutions that translate the complete fulfillment of import and export operations.

M Muniz Logística establishes itself at important points in international merchandise transactions, headquartered in the city of Santos next to the largest port in Latin America, as well as is highly representative in Brazilian Foreign Trade, with its own headquarters in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Following the trend of growth, the company is present in more than 12 states, in the main ports, airports, border points and dry port, covering all Brazilian customs territory.

M Muniz Logística knows what is essential for the customer: the results. That is our commitment! We have all the process quality certifications. The tradition, trust and credibility gained over the years are our best business card.

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